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madam_malicia's Journal


Madam Malicia
2 March

80s cartoons, agnostic, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, alternate history, alvin maker, anime, ass hair, atari, bisexual boys, boromir, bruce willis, canasta, classic rock, cow and chicken, cream, curly hair, days of our lives, digimon, dogma, dollar stores, draco malfoy, draco/dudley, draco/harry, draco/neville, dudley dursley, elizabeth bathory, fairy tales, falsifying statistics, fan fiction, fanfiction.net, fight club, fred weasley, funk, futurama, geisha, george clinton, george weasley, ghetto, government cheese, h/d, hagrid, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/draco, harry/lucius, harry/remus, harry/sirius, henry rollins, hermione granger, hogwarts, janet weiss, jason isaacs, jerry springer, jimi hendrix, jk rowling, kingsley shacklebolt, klf, lao tzu, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, lipstick, lucius malfoy, lucius/draco, lucius/harry, lucius/hermione, lucius/severus, lucius/sirius, mc escher, menthol, metallica, mirah, miso soup, nappy roots, narcissa malfoy, nine inch nails, peeps, pisces, powerball, powerpuff girls, pringles, procrastination, ramen, ron weasley, sailor moon, salvadore dali, sam and dave, scrubs, sean bean, self-absorption, severus snape, sex, sirius black, sirius/harry, slash, slytherin, smoking, smurfs, snape/black, snape/lucius, snape/sirius, snood, speculative fiction, spongebob squarepants, steve burns, steven king, tattoos, the commodores, the doors, the fifth element, the golden girls, the platters, the sims, thrift stores, tom riddle, vampire hunter d, vanilla coke, vanity, vincent d'onofrio, voldemort, writing