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Jesus Christ.

I just read one of those not so great “Harry’s (made up) sibling is believed to be the real boy/girl who lived” kind of fics and the author mentioned there would be no slash. Well, in the review board I saw this gem of a comment posted:

well, if you can't make it slash, don't make it any pairing! plus it's fairly easy to write slash, just make the submissive in the relationship act like a girl (kinda) with his boyfriend! or write scene between a guy and a girl, and change the pronouns, from she to he? anyway... sorry to bitch...

I want to believe she is joking but after a look at her profile…



I found an old disk today with a beginnings of this Lucius/Hermione time traveling fic I started about a year ago. I might post it here tomorrow to see if anyone thinks it worth continuing. Though, TMTM is definitely my top priority.

Also on this disk was everything I had written for Fallen Stars. God, what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote that fic? I hope everyone has scratched it from their memory. I think everyone will thank me for leaving that as an abandoned WIP.

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Oh, this is too much fucking fun. You upload pictures of yourself and it tells you what celebrity you look like the most. I have been doing it all night with various photos of my family and myself.

I did five of myself and every time I got Bette Davis as my closest match. Now I am a fat biracial girl with very slanty eyes so it’s definitely not completely accurate. I thought I would get Mel Carter or something. But what’s weird is that both of my sisters and my mother got Bette Davis frequently and grandmother looked very much like Bette Davis when she was younger. In fact, she was often mistaken for her.

All of my other matches were young starlets from the 40s and 50s too, with the exception of Drew Barrymore.

Desiree, apparently, most resembles Salvador Dali when he was a young boy.
ETA: I did Jason Issacs, just because I happened to have a pic of him on my harddrive. He got Honsy Mubarak, the president of Egypt.

I can kind of see it.

*gets tarred and feathered by JI fans*

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I know I said I would have the next chapter of TMTM up by now. I am having issues with a paragraph that seems so very blah to me. I’m almost at the point of saying fuck it and post as is. But I won’t, so you’ll have to wait a little longer.


And be sure to check out the hot Lucius/Hermione gift art (NSFW) that violetfishy made for me! It’s awesome. What I like most about it is that Hermione looks like she has been shagged out of her mind.
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God, I’m obsessed with Kool and the Gang today.

*resists the urge to write SS/HG songfic to “Misled”*

Not that I’d actually finish it. I’m still struggling to write some one-shots. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to write short fics. Or even fics under 20,000 words.


Does anyone know if there is something like a song finders comm? I'm dying to remember this song I heard as a pre-teen. I doubt anyone on my f-list knows it but here are the details just in case:

T'was an R&B song, sang by a male, the song was about cheating and there was a part where he asks his lover when her man is supposed to come home and then he sings "Oh girl, you don't know." It came out no later than the early 90s.

That's all I remember. Not much to go on, I know.


I finished the final edits on the next chapter of TMTM today. Now I need to set it aside and not look at it again for a few days before I re-read and post.

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Like everyone else on LJ, I haven’t been getting my comments emailed to me so if I haven’t replied yet, that’s why.


The ten wishes meme is going around again. Instead of making wishes that will cost money, I am going to do what many others are doing and give you ten fics I’d like to see written.

1. A well-written longish Hermione/Sirius or Hermione/Remus story that is NOT a time travel fic.
2. A Harry/Remus fic with a very dominant Remus but without all of that alpha male werewolf stuff.
3. An angsty SS/SB, HP/SS or SS/HG fic where Snape cheats on his lover. The fic should end with one of the aforementioned relationships intact or Snape alone and miserable.
4. A post-HBP SS/SB fic. Please no denial or AU fic. Just bring Sirius back. Hell, I don’t even need an explanation. He can just walk out from behind the veil on some random Tuesday.
5. A L/Hr fic set amidst a Muggle-wizard war.
6. A HP/SS or SS/HG fic where their illicit affair is discovered. Snape does not do the clichéd, so called noble thing and give his love up (only to get back together a few years later in a sequel) but rather, he goes to extreme and desperate measures to keep them.
7. A L/Hr fic. Lucius has Hermione cornered and starts insulting her heritage. Hermione makes a wish that such things didn’t matter. Her wish comes true (for whatever reasons) and the two are wisked away to an alternate universe where everyone in the world is a Muggle or a wizard. The idea behind it being that the only real way to get rid of a prejudice is to eliminate the difference that is causing it.
8. A Severitus Snarry fic. Yeah, this is on the list of a lot of us perverts. Hopefully, it gets written.
9. A Harry/Sirius/Snape fic or simply Harry/Sirius and Harry/Snape. Ideally, Harry and Snape are already in a relationship and living together when Sirius comes back from behind the veil. Snape watches with dismay and anger as Harry and Sirius fall in love (or lust) before his very eyes. This can end in angst with someone left out in the cold or it can go the happy happy route with everyone in a threesome.
10. A Millicent/Lucius fic. I am so desperate to read one of these, I don’t care how it goes as long as there is no chan or non con.

Number 7 is a plot bunny I have had for awhile. I want to write it myself but I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time. However, if someone else wants to give it a go, have at it. I prefer the scenario of them going to a universe where everyone is a wizard simply because the no magic thing has been done so many times but I have yet to read a fic where the reverse takes place.

If anyone knows of fics that already fit one of the above scenarios, please let me know. I have read a few Snarry fics that fit number 3 but I would love to read more.
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God, I have such a headache. I foolishly decided to get some cornrows and now I look like Queen Latifah in Set it Off. But the damn stylist made them too tight. These fucking things are coming out today.


I finally updated TMTM with chapter 6 a few days ago. LJ was being a ho and not letting me post then.

Yes, I know. It took me a pathetically long time to update with a chapter I have had written since March. I did a lot of editing. I’m still not pleased with the final version but it will do. I’m sick of looking at it.

One of my friends had a huge problem with how Lucius reacts to something that happens to Hermione. I think she forgets that it’s a L/Hr fic, not, say, a R/Hr. Ah, well.

I’ve gotten a few more reviews from people who dislike Doris. I didn’t write her as a character to be disliked but I can certainly see why some would. And well, actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if even more people dislike or even hate her when other things come to light.

I’m just glad they feel something for Doris. Even if it is dislike. In my mind it would be worse if they were indifferent, as if she is just an easily dismissed OC. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about Doris’ characterization, maybe even more so than with Lucius and Hermione. Although Doris stays mostly in the background she is involved a few important subplots. The biggest one explores how a Muggle parent feels about loosing their only child to world in which they have no place. Her feelings on this lead her to do some shockingly manipulative things. Doris may come across as a dizzy scatterbrain but let me assure you, if the woman had been a witch, she’d definitely be sorted into Slytherin.


I spent all night reading some atrocious Lucius/Harry mpreg. Yes, I was bored. What’s always been odd to me is that the L/H ship contains a ton of mpreg. Yes, most slash ships do have a lot of it. Hell, there are probably more Snarry mpreg fics then there are L/H fic in total. But ratio-wise? It seems like every other L/H I find is a mpreg while it’s like every fifth fic (or even less) for Snarry or H/D.

I’m not complaining as I like m-preg. I just think it’s kind of weird.

Hr/L by naggingfishwife

Does it really matter who “friends” you?

Today, I went on a friending spree and found someone who had some interesting fandom posts. I didn’t recognize the name but I have heard of some of the people of her f-list. I liked what I saw and so I friended her.

Well, apparently, this did not sit well with her. I made a comment to one of her posts and her reply was basically a request that I remove her as she did not want people who supported disgusting pairings like Lucius/Hermione to be associated with her.

My jaw literally dropped and I had to read the reply several times to make sure I had read it correctly.

Now I know that there are people who will never friend me for many reasons, including my beloved ships. And I know that some of you will eventually defriend me because you don’t want the shit I talk about clogging up your flists. Hell, I bet a lot of you are already at the point where you wish I’d STFU about L/Hr and are thisclose to defriending me.

And I’m cool with that. I never friend people with expectation that they will add me back or if they do, that they will keep me on for all eternity.

But it never even occurred me that my shipping preferences would be such a big deal, that someone might not even want me on their fo-list. This has really shocked me. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does.

I mean, I can understand in some cases why people might not want certain types of people of reading their LJs, like minors, or trolls. But even then, you really can’t stop them unless you f-lock everything. Even banning their LJ doesn’t always work because they can still log out and read your public entries.

In closing, now I know how all the oppressed Harmonians feel.



Predictive fics

God, I really need to update more…


I thought I’d share a neat little story about a Harry Potter fan fic written by an 11 year old a few years ago.


In my canasta club, I regularly partner with a woman who teaches the fifth grade in California. I use the same screen name there and I think she googled it or something because last night she suddenly brought Harry Potter fan fiction. She told me that an assignment she gives every year is for her students to write a story set in one of their favorite books. A lot of them choose Harry Potter. Well, the year before OOTP was published, one of her students wrote a short story set in Harry’s fifth year. The story followed the plot of those Miss Nelson is Missing books. In the story, Dumbledore goes away on school business and while he is away, the students start misbehaving badly. Once Dumbledore gets word of it, he decides to come back as a mean and vicious female teacher who is short and fat with a toad-like face and black curly hair.  


Sound familiar?


And the kicker – her first name was Umbra! Her full name was an anagram of “Albus Dumbledore” which is how Hermione finally realizes who Umbra really is.


Anyway, I thought that was kind of cool. I recall making a post a while back about how I created a yet to be introduced OMC for Repetitions and then JKR made her website and mentioned a character named Pyrites who was almost exactly like the OMC I had in mind, right down to the wearing of blood-stained gloves. Even the name of Pyrites fit so perfectly.


And now I am wondering if there has been any pre-HBP fics that had plot elements or characters that were eerily similar to things in HBP.


I can recall two offhand. I read a Lupin fic where he is bitten by a child molesting werewolf named Fernis, which is another name for Fenrir.


And there was a Snarry fic where Snape remains as the Potions master and won’t let Harry in his class. Harry learns that to be an Auror all he has to do is pass the Potions NEWTS and he doesn’t need to take the class to take the exam. And so he begins teaching himself via an old Potions textbook he found in the ROR. The book has been written in by its previous owner. The little notes contain short-cuts, tips, and journal-like scribbles. It even had some made up, nasty curses. Harry grows fond of the unknown previous owner and thinks it might be his father when he reads a nice little note about Lily Evans. He has a fit when he finds out it’s Snape but eventually a Snarry romance ensues.


Do any of you know of others? If you don’t know the exact fic, that’s cool. I am more interested in knowing what weird little predictive plots and characters were written about before HBP.


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I got a review for Repetitions from someone who said they followed a link posted in the GAFF forums. I looked but didn’t find anything over there.


Now I am insanely curious as to what they are saying about my fic. The review was actually positive in nature but I bet what’s over on GAFF is pretty brutal.


Honestly, I am not terribly surprised. Although I am horrendously slow about updating that fic, I love it to death. But I can see why a lot of people would think it’s god awful by virtue of it being a mugglized AU alone. Plus, there are parts of the fic that make me cringe in hindsight and deserve to be mocked.


Sometimes I wonder myself why I like no magic stories so much. Most of them bear very little resemblance to canon and might as well be original stories. And I would have included Repetitions in that category if not for the sequels. This is something of a spoiler I suppose, but the Repetitions story arc begins as an AU but it doesn’t quite end that way.


Anyway, while I’m talking about no magic AUs…


As I learned from painless_j, the dawn to dusk group is holding another fest. The challenge this time is to write AUs where Snape and Harry meet in different ways than canon. The theme: Not Here, Not Now! No Magic?


That brought to mind a crazy Snarry AU I have been thinking about for the last year or so.


Last year, a friend and I were talking about no magic AUs and she said that to better parallel the books one might put the characters in a closed community that was shut off from the rest of the world, such as an Amish like setting. After she said that I immediately thought of an AU Snarry fic where Harry Potter, as a young Amish man of 16, goes forth into the modern world on his Rumspringa where he meets Severus Snape and begins questioning his sexuality.


I actually did quite a bit of research on the Amish for this but I don’t think I’ll ever write it. With Repetitions, I have done my part in inflicting wonky AUs on the fandom. I wish someone else would write it as I’d like to read something like that. Though, I’m probably the only one.




Well, it turns out that I will not be able to participate in fanfic100 because the mod thought my claim was too broad. But I still plan on somehow challenging myself to write a series of small one-shots.


Does anyone know of a comm that produces regular challenges? I saw a few but most of them were either dead or only allowed slash or het. I want something that’s active and allows all pairings and all ratings.  And also something that is not all drabbles.

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random bits

Can't stop looking at the penises. (Obviously NSFW)

Be sure to check out the motion section. It's pure gold!


starrysummer has an interesting post on fandom wishes.


As I was reading the comments to the post, I realized that I am weirdly elitist in a way.


A number of people said that that wanted more recognition from the well known members of the fandom. I am not going to lie. I do get a little squeeful when writers and artists I admire friend me.  


But you know what really strokes my stoat? It’s when people I have never heard of before and who have teeny tiny friends lists add me out of the blue. I can’t help but think to myself” “Wow! Out of everyone in this big ass fandom, you choose me!”


It makes me feel special.





I signed up for fanfic100. I asked for “Slytherins and Gryffindors”. Originally, I wanted L/Hr but then I realized that I probably couldn’t write 100 L/Hr fics and that by going broader I could not only write L/Hr but most of my other favorite pairings like SS/SB, H/D, HP/SS and so on.


I figure this will be a good opportunity for me to write shorter fics, which I have some difficulty with. Most of the plot bunnies I conceive tend to require epic length fics.


If anyone is willing to beta/Brit pick as I go along I would be most appreciative. I am aiming for most of the fics to be under 2000 words but some will undoubtedly be longer. If you only want to beta certain pairings that’s cool. I anticipate writing: HP/DM, HP/SS, HP/LM, HG/LM, HG/SS, RW/PP, RW/MB, RW/DM, SB/SS, SB/LM, SB/DM, SB/RB, RL/LM, RL/DM, NL/LM, NL/DM, NL/MB


Not all of the fics will be shippy in nature. And some may contain incest (note the SB/RB) or m-preg.





Anyway, a few of you are waiting for your ghetto oil paintings. I haven’t forgotten. They are all completed and laying on a shelf in my living room. I haven’t been able to scan them because my scanner doesn’t seem to be compatible with my newish computer.


I did a test mailing to see how they would fair in the post and it was pretty bad. The test painting got smeared beyond recognition so I am thinking that either these fuckers will never truly dry or I didn’t wait long enough. Or I didn’t package it right. I am going to try again in a few weeks and if it’s the same then I am just going to redo them with traditional paint.


I hope you all wanted one for the joy of simply having a physical copy of a fan art but if it was novelty of the ghetto oil painting you were after, I can still send it but I can make no promises on it’s condition when you receive it.