Madam Malicia (madam_malicia) wrote,
Madam Malicia


I almost feel shy about updating because I haven’t done it in so long.  I am very surprised that I wasn't massively defriended. I got a few emails inquiring about my absence. Well, it wasn't so much an absence, more of a silence.  In early January, the computer I mainly use to go online got some sort of virus (Trojan? Worm?)  that completely fucked with my web browser. It caused a whole host of problems but mostly made the internet useless for anything except browsing. I was able to read and click links but if I tried other things, my entire system would crash. The few times you did see posts or comments from me were those rare instances when my computer was actually working. And then,  I started having complications with my diabetes so I was going to the doctor frequently. With the sky-high medical bills and me having no insurance, I couldn’t justify the 50 bucks to fix the computer until this weekend.

In other RL news I am completely in lust with my maintenance man. There is something about him that turns me into a puddle of goo. I'm seriously thinking about breaking shit just so he has to come to my apartment and fix it. He has a mullet though. I don't mean one of those maybe mullets like Patrick Swayze sported in Ghost. This is an all out mullet. Very short on top and very long in the back. And you know, I am so in lust that I almost don’t care. Thankfully, he wears a hat all the time so I can delude myself into thinking it's just long hair pulled into a ponytail.

On the fandom front, updating TMTM is my top priority now that I have a fully functioning computer. I have also written about half of my L/Hr FQF fic. I don't know how people will react to it. It’s not a very sexy fic, in fact, Lucius has never been unsexier. (Blasphemy!)  I think a lot of people will stop reading  once they see how far it deviates from a traditional fan ficcy type romance.

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