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Aw, hell. I'm fucking a delusional Harmonian. I wish I were kidding. This month I finally got JoJo to read the HP books. He finished HBP tonight and was completely shocked at the H/G. He turned a deaf ear to me as I pointed out all the anvil-sized hints of R/Hr. He's convinced the books will end with Harry and Hermione together.

Anyway, over all, it was pretty fun talking with a casual reader who hasn't been influenced by all the in depth analysis that occurs in fandom.

He had some interesting and crazy theories. For example, he thinks that love isn't going to be Harry's protection but his weapon. Harry is going to use love somehow to give Voldemort a heart. Kind of how it happens in The Never Ending Story 2. When Voldemort feels love for the first time it will destroy him (thus fulfilling the prophecy*) but it won't kill him. JoJo is adamant about it not killing him because he doesn't think JKR will let Harry be a murderer. What happens instead is that Voldemort reverts back to Tom Riddle. I should mention at this point that JoJo believes the final confrontation will occur in the DoM and that Harry will get his "love weapon" from the locked mysterious room. Once Voldemort becomes Tom again there will be a shocking twist where Tom commits suicide by walking through the veil because he hears Merope calling to him.

*It fulfills the prophecy if you think of Voldemort and Riddle as being separate beings, which I do.

And you know, even though JoJo is a delusional Harmonian, I can really see his ending happening (minus the H/Hr stuff). It'd make a good fic at least.

Anyway, I finally saw GOF this weekend. Yeah, took me forever. I've never been much involved with the movies mostly because the look of everything is so very different from my own vision.  I just can't bring myself to care that much about them. Although, Jason Issacs does make a fucking fine ass Lucius. Goddamn! I almost felt compelled to press my breasts against the screen like they do in those prison movies.

And totally off topic, but as I just read that last bit, I have to wonder… When did "ass" become an emphasizer? How did it come to be used this way? It's so weird.

Just earlier today I called my sister's boyfriend a "broke-ass bitch".  And you know that because that "ass" is there the boyfriend isn't just broke, he is BROKE.

I'm curious, do any of you use "ass" in such a manner? Only jokingly? Or is it part of your natural language and you do it without thinking? I must confess to the latter.

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That is an interesting theory... I've been torn on the murderer!Harry issue because while I agree that JKR may decide making murderer!Harry is too much, he still shows an inclination towards it. Somebody with that much hatred and/or loathing and quick bounce back after casting Sectumsempra, not to mention the attempt at an Unforgivable... it's almost like murderer!Harry has been set up since the beginning. Which is kind of odd for what started out as a children's book, eh?

Ah well. This is why I don't get involved in theories.

As for ass... I didn't use to say it, but now sometimes it slips out. Not very often, but... it's almost embarrassing. However, I do hold that "broke-ass" is perfectly acceptable language. :-)
Damn, I completely forgot about his reaction to the Sectumsempra. He was pretty cold hearted about that.

Anyway, over all, it was pretty fun talking with a casual reader who hasn't been influenced by all the in depth analysis that occurs in fandom.

Isn't it? It's very refreshing, I find, because they're not insanely into fandom and they have thoughts on the books so obvious that fandom, in all it's detailed taking apart of everything, overlooks.

I use ass...sometimes without thinking, yeah. And then I'll realize it and think, "Oops" ;)
It is refreshing. It's like the says goes: sometimes you get so caught up in the details you miss the big picture.
Hmm, I can see that ending, or some variant of it. It's interesting seeing the points of view of people who come at it from different angles. Particularly if they're not looking at book 7 from a shippy context. My mom was expecting Harry/Hermione in much the same way. Damn that guy gets the girl cliche. Hate it.

And, yeah, I totally use ass for emphasis. I also like saying "it's bad ass" if something is cool.
What's funny is that except for one person who thought it would Harry/Luna, everyone I know who isn't a big fan but has read the books thought it would be Harry/Hermione.