Madam Malicia (madam_malicia) wrote,
Madam Malicia

I'm trying to make a concerted effort to post everyday. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! I really didn't do anything of merit. We're not much into celebrating around here.

Last night, I watched this movie called House of 9. I took it as a wannabe Cube with a bit of Saw 2 thrown in. The movie was set in Britain but seriously needed to be Brit picked. I kept wondering why they were talking about dollars instead of pounds and there was a part where a character talks about calling 911. My understanding was that 999 is used in England instead but I could be wrong.

There were all these little bits that together made me think this movie was meant to be set in America but arbitrarily set in England.

But, all in all, I've seen worse movies. It's worth watching just to hear Dennis Hooper's fake Irish accent randomly come and go. Rent it if there's nothing better.

And God…

Generally, I have nothing mean to say about fic archives. Not even But I have to wonder why the admins at thought it was a good idea to use some weird Flash business/corporate layout on an adult fan fic archive. At least it's good for a chuckle.

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Well, first off, belated Happy Birthday. Sometimes a peaceful day is best.

As for, didn't they have better things to spend money on? I truly hope one of the staff is a web designer and donated the time, but that is way too much. It is good for a chuckle. I hadn't ever gotten around to posting there.

Yeah, I hope they didn't pay for that either. I suspect they just took some premade flash layout and altered it for the site. It's just too generic for me think it was made especially for them.

oooh belated Happy Birthday! I havn't been on LJ much so I must have missed that :(
Thank you!
The new aff layout? The only thing that actually bothers me is the "music" which I have had to turn off every time I've gone near the place! Wonder when they'll be up and running properly, because it looks like they have temporary backups running at the moment.
As for 911, yep, should be 999 -or even 112 at a push (112 is the European emergency number). Sounds like a very bad film - was it fun to watch? We have specific films that we only watch when the mood takes us because they are terrible films, but they're so bad you actually enjoy watching them.
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Sounds like a very bad film - was it fun to watch?


I went into the film with very low expectations so I ended up being suprised at how...not bad it was. It's definitely not a so bad it's good kind of film.