Madam Malicia (madam_malicia) wrote,
Madam Malicia

Well, I turned out to be a big fat liar when I said I would update on the evening of the 27th. Somehow, I don’t think anyone is surprised.

Something really creepy happened to me when I was getting new glasses a few days ago. During my eye exam, the doctor commented on the fact that I have a birthday coming up (it's today actually) and then she said I was “just a baby” and “so young”. I guess 26 about to be 27 is youngish but not remarkably so. And what got me is that she wouldn’t shut up about it. Before I got out of there, she referred to my youth about ten times and always in this odd cooing voice one might use for little children. I half expected to be offered a lollipop at the end.

 I suppose it might have made some kind of sense if the doctor was really old but she was in her early thirties! And actually, this sort of thing has happened to me before although this most recent experience was especially weird. Sometimes I wonder if I give off a “little child” vibe. 


The L/Hr fans on my flist might be interested in knowing that the Evil Genius thread is sailing a second voyage. Check it out if you are interested in some L/Hr discussion. I need to post something there myself.


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