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Goddamn it, I fucking hate Tivo. Now Desiree thinks she can watch Dora the Explorer every fucking second of the day.


And do any of you have any unconventional pointers for potty training? I have tried all the usual methods but nothing seems to be working with her. I’ll sit her on her potty chair and then she’ll stand up and piss all over the floor. I think she does this just to annoy me.


I am almost ready to post the first chapter of my L/Hr time traveling fic. I was going to post it a few weeks ago but decided to rework a lot of it. If anyone is willing to beta/brit-pick that would be awesome. I know some of you have betaed for me in the past and offered services for the one shots I had grand plans on writing but I didn’t want to assume you’d be interested in doing a L/Hr novel length fic.

Oh and it’s not a Hermione goes back in time due to a time turner accident kind of fic, if you hate that kind of thing. It’s actually Lucius who comes forward to the future while the war with Voldemort rages on. Hermione is given the task of baby-sitting him until they figure out how to send him back.

ETA:All taken care of! Thanks!

I am also looking for recs…

I have recently become interested in Ron/Snape (I know…WTF!) and before I torture myself by going to the Pit of Voles, I thought I see if any of you knew of any good fics with this pairing. I have already read everything in the Ron/Snape section at the Weasley/Snape archive hosted at Titti’s Realm.

And I am looking for non-smutty but incredibly sexy fics. Basically, if there was a fic that got you hot and bothered but not a single breast was bared and no cocks were whipped out, I want to know about it. Pairings don’t matter but I prefer most slash ships and Hermione/Older man.
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