Madam Malicia (madam_malicia) wrote,
Madam Malicia

I updated TMTM just a few minutes ago.

It won’t be up at Pureblood until it gets validated.

Yeah, I promised many of you it’d be up long ago. I really meant it at the time, but things never go my way. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t believe it until you see it.


I have recently found myself ensnared by HG/VK. I am utterly astonished at few fics feature this pairing. I mean fuck, even wonky, implausible ships like Lucius/Hermione and Sirius/Hermione have more fics devoted to them. Thus far I haven’t found a single HG/VK fic that exceeds 30,000 words. Being a lover of long, long fics, I find this very disappointing.

Must I always be doomed to liking obscure ships with small followings? Woe is me…

I kind of long for the days when I was really into Harry/Draco. Back then I could find a new novel length fic to read every day if I wanted. At least there’s still plenty of Snarry to be had. I’ll never get bored with that.


In RL news, Desiree has to start wearing an eye patch. She has a slight lazy eye and in order to correct it, the doctors said she has to wear a patch for four hours every day. I thought she would protest it but she actually likes it. I had to fight with her to take it off. She thinks she is a pirate now and keeps yelling “Aye, aye Captain!”

Yes, she watches too much Spongebob. So do I for that matter.
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