June 30th, 2006

Hr/L by naggingfishwife

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My lhr_fqf fic is not going to be done in time. Well, I have an hour, but I'm being realistic. It's my own fucking fault. For weeks I worked on one fic and then two weeks ago I decided it was going too long and so I laid it aside to write a different, shorter answer to the challenge so that I could meet the deadline. Now I just have two unfinished fics. I am going to post it tomorrow or Sunday provided that my Internet doesn't get turned off. I'm (finally!) switching over to DSL and there was a delay in getting the kit to me. My dial up is scheduled to go off this weekend. Maybe I can call and beg a few more days out of them.

I am not allowing myself to read any of the fest fics until I post my own although I had a look at astarvingwriter 's before she posted it. It's filled with her usual brilliance. If you're fond of her humorous style then you're bound to enjoy it. I laughed out loud in many places. http://community.livejournal.com/lhr_fqf/15043.html