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My lhr_fqf fic is not going to be done in time. Well, I have an hour, but I'm being realistic. It's my own fucking fault. For weeks I worked on one fic and then two weeks ago I decided it was going too long and so I laid it aside to write a different, shorter answer to the challenge so that I could meet the deadline. Now I just have two unfinished fics. I am going to post it tomorrow or Sunday provided that my Internet doesn't get turned off. I'm (finally!) switching over to DSL and there was a delay in getting the kit to me. My dial up is scheduled to go off this weekend. Maybe I can call and beg a few more days out of them.

I am not allowing myself to read any of the fest fics until I post my own although I had a look at astarvingwriter 's before she posted it. It's filled with her usual brilliance. If you're fond of her humorous style then you're bound to enjoy it. I laughed out loud in many places.


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My sister is in the process of trying to find a house to buy. In the meanwhile we've become obsessed with watching those reality realty shows on HGTV. What really amazes me is how expensive it is to live in other parts of the country. Or maybe it’s just abnormally cheap to live here. You can find nice houses for under 70k as long as you'll willing to buy older house.  Or if you do want a brand new house, you can buy one of those hideous McMansions for 250k. Even less in some cases.

Anyway, I've noticed that a number of you on my flist are also house hunting. This essay contest by Wells Fargo might be of some interest to you. If you win, they'll give you up to 250k to pay off your mortgage. We're entering it.


I read Home Fries Nazi recently. I saw it recced all over my flist a while back ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit although it did bring to light something I have thought about from time to time.

In the story, Snape is described as having a shaved head. I have often encountered fics where the author has chosen to make the characters look different from how they are described in canon. Sometimes, but not always, it feels like the changes were made because of some sort of wish fulfillment.

In the case of Home Fries Nazi, the change did not come across as an author's whim. I understood and appreciated why Snape looked as he did.

All the same, it didn't matter in the end. As I progressed through the story I still pictured Snape as I always do, with longish, greasy hair. I'm just wondering if others have such a strong vision of what the characters look like that it's virtually impossible to imagine them any other way.


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I almost feel shy about updating because I haven’t done it in so long.  I am very surprised that I wasn't massively defriended. I got a few emails inquiring about my absence. Well, it wasn't so much an absence, more of a silence.  Collapse )

In other RL news I am completely in lust with my maintenance man. There is something about him that turns me into a puddle of goo. I'm seriously thinking about breaking shit just so he has to come to my apartment and fix it. He has a mullet though. I don't mean one of those maybe mullets like Patrick Swayze sported in Ghost. This is an all out mullet. Very short on top and very long in the back. And you know, I am so in lust that I almost don’t care. Thankfully, he wears a hat all the time so I can delude myself into thinking it's just long hair pulled into a ponytail.

On the fandom front, updating TMTM is my top priority now that I have a fully functioning computer. I have also written about half of my L/Hr FQF fic. I don't know how people will react to it. It’s not a very sexy fic, in fact, Lucius has never been unsexier. (Blasphemy!)  I think a lot of people will stop reading  once they see how far it deviates from a traditional fan ficcy type romance.


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Aw, hell. I'm fucking a delusional Harmonian. I wish I were kidding. This month I finally got JoJo to read the HP books. He finished HBP tonight and was completely shocked at the H/G. He turned a deaf ear to me as I pointed out all the anvil-sized hints of R/Hr. He's convinced the books will end with Harry and Hermione together.

Anyway, over all, it was pretty fun talking with a casual reader who hasn't been influenced by all the in depth analysis that occurs in fandom.

He had some interesting and crazy theories. For example, he thinks that love isn't going to be Harry's protection but his weapon. Harry is going to use love somehow to give Voldemort a heart. Kind of how it happens in The Never Ending Story 2. When Voldemort feels love for the first time it will destroy him (thus fulfilling the prophecy*) but it won't kill him. JoJo is adamant about it not killing him because he doesn't think JKR will let Harry be a murderer. What happens instead is that Voldemort reverts back to Tom Riddle. I should mention at this point that JoJo believes the final confrontation will occur in the DoM and that Harry will get his "love weapon" from the locked mysterious room. Once Voldemort becomes Tom again there will be a shocking twist where Tom commits suicide by walking through the veil because he hears Merope calling to him.

*It fulfills the prophecy if you think of Voldemort and Riddle as being separate beings, which I do.

And you know, even though JoJo is a delusional Harmonian, I can really see his ending happening (minus the H/Hr stuff). It'd make a good fic at least.

Anyway, I finally saw GOF this weekend. Yeah, took me forever. I've never been much involved with the movies mostly because the look of everything is so very different from my own vision.  I just can't bring myself to care that much about them. Although, Jason Issacs does make a fucking fine ass Lucius. Goddamn! I almost felt compelled to press my breasts against the screen like they do in those prison movies.

And totally off topic, but as I just read that last bit, I have to wonder… When did "ass" become an emphasizer? How did it come to be used this way? It's so weird.

Just earlier today I called my sister's boyfriend a "broke-ass bitch".  And you know that because that "ass" is there the boyfriend isn't just broke, he is BROKE.

I'm curious, do any of you use "ass" in such a manner? Only jokingly? Or is it part of your natural language and you do it without thinking? I must confess to the latter.

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I'm trying to make a concerted effort to post everyday. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! I really didn't do anything of merit. We're not much into celebrating around here.

Last night, I watched this movie called House of 9. I took it as a wannabe Cube with a bit of Saw 2 thrown in. The movie was set in Britain but seriously needed to be Brit picked. I kept wondering why they were talking about dollars instead of pounds and there was a part where a character talks about calling 911. My understanding was that 999 is used in England instead but I could be wrong.

There were all these little bits that together made me think this movie was meant to be set in America but arbitrarily set in England.

But, all in all, I've seen worse movies. It's worth watching just to hear Dennis Hooper's fake Irish accent randomly come and go. Rent it if there's nothing better.

And God…

Generally, I have nothing mean to say about fic archives. Not even But I have to wonder why the admins at thought it was a good idea to use some weird Flash business/corporate layout on an adult fan fic archive. At least it's good for a chuckle.

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Well, I turned out to be a big fat liar when I said I would update on the evening of the 27th. Somehow, I don’t think anyone is surprised.

Something really creepy happened to me when I was getting new glasses a few days ago. During my eye exam, the doctor commented on the fact that I have a birthday coming up (it's today actually) and then she said I was “just a baby” and “so young”. I guess 26 about to be 27 is youngish but not remarkably so. And what got me is that she wouldn’t shut up about it. Before I got out of there, she referred to my youth about ten times and always in this odd cooing voice one might use for little children. I half expected to be offered a lollipop at the end.

 I suppose it might have made some kind of sense if the doctor was really old but she was in her early thirties! And actually, this sort of thing has happened to me before although this most recent experience was especially weird. Sometimes I wonder if I give off a “little child” vibe. 


The L/Hr fans on my flist might be interested in knowing that the Evil Genius thread is sailing a second voyage. Check it out if you are interested in some L/Hr discussion. I need to post something there myself.

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Well, damn.

I came on to reply to some comments LJ took forever to send to me and noticed that I haven’t updated in over a month. I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t realize it had been that long. There are reasons for the lack of updates but in a gesture of love and affection for my flist, I am sparing you all my whiny emo angst. Thankfully, that’s all behind me now.

Anyway, I am hoping to catch up on everything this week. We’ll see how it goes.

I feel sort of silly updating with just this but I don’t have much to say at the mo. I’ll update later today with something with more substance.


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A little question for my f-list:

Do you think teaching a child to hate one half of his racial make-up constitutes child abuse?

This isn’t hypothetical. A friend of mine, Glenda, works at a day care center and one of her charges is a 6 yr old biracial boy who lives with his white aunt because his mother is in prison. Over the past year that she has been watching him, it has become increasingly clear that he is being taught to hate black people. It’s been made evident by little remarks that he has made and how he treats other black and biracial children at the center. Over the summer he even refused to play outside in the sun because he didn’t want to “get dark and look like a nigger”. That’s exactly what he told her.

Once everything came to light, Glenda told her boss who said she would investigate. This was a few months ago and it appears that nothing had been done. In fact, the little boy’s behavior is just getting worse. Glenda is getting very frustrated and wants to call the child abuse hotline on the aunt but isn’t sure that it’s child abuse.

I say it is. I know the aunt very well. I grew up with her and she has always had a deep-seated hatred for anyone who is not white. I am incredibly surprised that she agreed to take in her nephew. I can only assume she did it for the paycheck the state sends her every month for having him.

This whole situation is so appalling and it bugs me so much I can’t stop thinking about it. It ‘s bringing up bad memories of what has gone down in my own family. I had the experience of being a biracial child with white relatives who had nothing kind to say about black people. Hell, the only memories I have of one aunt are of her always telling me “to act my age and not my race” whenever I was misbehaving.

But, I didn’t have it nearly as bad as a distant cousin who is also biracial. He grew up in an incredibly hateful environment and it totally fucked him up. He refuses to admit that he is half black even though it is glaringly obvious. His face is scarred from too much skin bleaching. And you know where he is now? In prison for assault and battery. He beat up two black boys for reason at all. It should have been labeled a hate crime but I reckon most just saw it as black on black crime. But anyone who knows my cousin knows the truth.

I fear that this little boy is going to turn out like my cousin if he is allowed to remain with his aunt. Or maybe even worse. I hate that he probably will stay with her. Around here DCFS doesn’t seem to act unless there is physical and/or sexual abuse, or negligence. Emotional abuse tends to have a low priority with the system overworked as it is. But they will get called. I’ll do it myself if Glenda doesn’t act soon.

Thankfully, the boy’s mother gets out next year, but who knows what damage will be done by then.

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Goddamn it, I fucking hate Tivo. Now Desiree thinks she can watch Dora the Explorer every fucking second of the day.


And do any of you have any unconventional pointers for potty training? I have tried all the usual methods but nothing seems to be working with her. I’ll sit her on her potty chair and then she’ll stand up and piss all over the floor. I think she does this just to annoy me.


I am almost ready to post the first chapter of my L/Hr time traveling fic. I was going to post it a few weeks ago but decided to rework a lot of it. If anyone is willing to beta/brit-pick that would be awesome. I know some of you have betaed for me in the past and offered services for the one shots I had grand plans on writing but I didn’t want to assume you’d be interested in doing a L/Hr novel length fic.

Oh and it’s not a Hermione goes back in time due to a time turner accident kind of fic, if you hate that kind of thing. It’s actually Lucius who comes forward to the future while the war with Voldemort rages on. Hermione is given the task of baby-sitting him until they figure out how to send him back.

ETA:All taken care of! Thanks!

I am also looking for recs…

I have recently become interested in Ron/Snape (I know…WTF!) and before I torture myself by going to the Pit of Voles, I thought I see if any of you knew of any good fics with this pairing. I have already read everything in the Ron/Snape section at the Weasley/Snape archive hosted at Titti’s Realm.

And I am looking for non-smutty but incredibly sexy fics. Basically, if there was a fic that got you hot and bothered but not a single breast was bared and no cocks were whipped out, I want to know about it. Pairings don’t matter but I prefer most slash ships and Hermione/Older man.
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I updated TMTM just a few minutes ago.

It won’t be up at Pureblood until it gets validated.

Yeah, I promised many of you it’d be up long ago. I really meant it at the time, but things never go my way. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t believe it until you see it.


I have recently found myself ensnared by HG/VK. I am utterly astonished at few fics feature this pairing. I mean fuck, even wonky, implausible ships like Lucius/Hermione and Sirius/Hermione have more fics devoted to them. Thus far I haven’t found a single HG/VK fic that exceeds 30,000 words. Being a lover of long, long fics, I find this very disappointing.

Must I always be doomed to liking obscure ships with small followings? Woe is me…

I kind of long for the days when I was really into Harry/Draco. Back then I could find a new novel length fic to read every day if I wanted. At least there’s still plenty of Snarry to be had. I’ll never get bored with that.


In RL news, Desiree has to start wearing an eye patch. She has a slight lazy eye and in order to correct it, the doctors said she has to wear a patch for four hours every day. I thought she would protest it but she actually likes it. I had to fight with her to take it off. She thinks she is a pirate now and keeps yelling “Aye, aye Captain!”

Yes, she watches too much Spongebob. So do I for that matter.