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Madam Malicia

My sister is in the process of trying to find a house to buy. In the meanwhile we've become obsessed with watching those reality realty shows on HGTV. What really amazes me is how expensive it is to live in other parts of the country. Or maybe it’s just abnormally cheap to live here. You can find nice houses for under 70k as long as you'll willing to buy older house.  Or if you do want a brand new house, you can buy one of those hideous McMansions for 250k. Even less in some cases.

Anyway, I've noticed that a number of you on my flist are also house hunting. This essay contest by Wells Fargo might be of some interest to you. If you win, they'll give you up to 250k to pay off your mortgage. We're entering it.


I read Home Fries Nazi recently. I saw it recced all over my flist a while back ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit although it did bring to light something I have thought about from time to time.

In the story, Snape is described as having a shaved head. I have often encountered fics where the author has chosen to make the characters look different from how they are described in canon. Sometimes, but not always, it feels like the changes were made because of some sort of wish fulfillment.

In the case of Home Fries Nazi, the change did not come across as an author's whim. I understood and appreciated why Snape looked as he did.

All the same, it didn't matter in the end. As I progressed through the story I still pictured Snape as I always do, with longish, greasy hair. I'm just wondering if others have such a strong vision of what the characters look like that it's virtually impossible to imagine them any other way.

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